Rosetta Stone Advertising Campaigns

As the world’s leading software developer of its kind, Rosetta Stone has revolutionized language-learning using it’s proven natural-teaching method.


New entrants into the language learning category were blurring the once-clear benefits of Rosetta Stone’s superior software and methodology.


The majority of potential customers believe learning a new language is too difficult. Each person learns a new language for their own, unique reasons.


BCG developed three national advertising campaigns for Rosetta Stone that would better relate the ease of which their natural language methodology works while connecting on a more personal level to potential customers.

Services Provided

  • Outdoor
  • Advertising
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Development
  • Copywriting
  • Environmental Design
  • Mechanical Production
  • Insight Development
  • Market Research
  • Photo Art Direction

Born Ready

BCG “Born Ready” campaign emerged from the fact that Rosetta Stone differentiates itself from the competition with a unique teaching method that closely resembles the natural learning process through which children first learn to speak.

Previous campaigns had largely highlighted the technical underpinnings of Rosetta’s methodology, producing dense, relatively unfriendly messaging. BCG recommended a stronger, simpler, and more evocative core message, while underscoring the unique Rosetta methodology. Using a clever play on a familiar phrase, the campaign instilled a sense of confidence in the reader—reassuring her that she possessed the skills necessary to learn a language—while also subtly challenging her to ‘take the next step’ in the progress of her life.

"Born Ready" Campaign Collateral

More Than Words

Extensive market research revealed that there were over a dozen discreet consumer demographics of potential customers. Each demographic had their own reasons for engaging in language learning. Our challenge then was to develop an overarching concept that would resonate with all demographics, while also extensible messaging platform in which to create ads that would resonate with each demographic. B. Creative Group isolated the core message that the team was attempting to communicate: that learning a language means more than learning words; it means connecting with people and possibilities in new ways. Starting with the core tagline, “More than Words,” B. Creative appended the message with a series of carefully selected words meant to reinforce the concept on an audience-specific level.

"More Than Words" Campaign Collateral

Ability / Confidence

Extensive market research revealed that people want to learn a new language for several reasons, each one specific to a certain demographic. But deeper analysis revealed that there was a more nuanced and authentic reason. And it was one that was common to all of the demographics—that learning a language was not simply about the practical benefits, but because it made them feel more empowered and capable in their life. BCG created the Ability / Confidence campaign to resonate with this feeling. By writing conceptual messaging and supporting copy, BCG developed a messaging platform.

"Ability/Confidence" Ad Campaign