NASA / Hubble Space Telescope Strategic Communications

The Hubble Space Telescope has contributed more to mankind's understanding of the universe than any other scientific instrument in history. Seeing objects so distant that it takes billions of years for their light to reach us, makes Hubble an orbiting time machine that peers nearly back to when the universe first began. It's contributions to the advancement of humankind are unparalleled.

When the Space Telescope Science Institute asked BCG to tell Hubble's story through its strategic publications, we were thrilled.


Funded by NASA, the Space Telescope Science Institute must compete for federal funding. Therefore, each publication needed to serve the dual purpose of relating the science of the telescope in an accurate and engaging way, but also to ensure continued funding by reinforcing the importance of the program to policymakers and political stakeholders.


We approached each publication by first performing an extensive discovery process to understand the scientific content as well as the political undercurrents of that year. From that we developed an theme that spoke to both the scientific and political insights relevant to that issue.

After the central theme was set, BCG worked with editorial and scientific staff from the Institute to develop a content strategy which informed the written tone, layout, color, and illustrative styles to reinforce the theme.


The results were focused, strategic publications that proved essential in positioning the Hubble Space Telescope Science Institute as an indispensable asset to the United States and the worldwide scientific community.

Services Provided

  • Content Strategy
  • Content Development
  • Copywriting
  • Collateral Systems
  • Publication Design