JHU Sheridan Libraries Dean’s Report

Spanning four libraries and three museums, the JHU Sheridan Libraries curates diverse collections of books and scholarly texts, as well as artifacts of art, literature, science, and culture.

The desire to better relate the depth and breadth of these collections in addition to their position as leaders in the academic curatorial sciences, lead JHU to engage BCG to reimagine their annual from the ground up.

BCG deconstructed the traditional annual report, extracting its sections into individual booklets contained within a folding slipcase. A vibrant design language unifies the elements and provides a thematic platform for messaging. The result engages readers, encourages exploration, and helps bolster Johns Hopkins reputation as a premiere academic institution.

The JHU Sheridan Libraries annual report was recognized with a Communications Arts “Award of Excellence” for Institutional Publication Design and also was selected to appear on the cover of its 52nd Design Annual.

Services Provided

  • Messaging
  • Content Strategy
  • Publication Design
  • Mechanical Production
  • Production Management
  • Photo Art Direction

2012 Dean’s Report

2013/14 Campaign Report